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About Us


Our journey

75derbyradio was founded in February 2018 for the sole purpose of connecting our community. It is situated at the heart of East. This platform gives a voice to our community through the provision of a first class radio station. This is a community radio station. We are committed to working in partnership with the youths, parents, volunteers, stakeholders and members of the listening community to produce top-notch quality programmes that foster the spirit, essence and interests of our listeners.

Our aim

We are a non-profit organisation and role is to inform, educate and entertain the people in the community. We aim to promote the interests of the people within the community as well as develop different training media and airtime opportunities. This will help to give a voice to those, older people, young youth and other disadvantaged groups who may find it difficult to access media.

This is a community and wants to those people at the boarder of the community and give them new skills and a sense of belonging; to strive forward and achieve for those who may be dismissed or ignored.

Being part of 75derbyradio is an experience. Our dedicated, experienced and in experienced team of broadcasters, technical staff and committed volunteers set us apart from the crowd. We have unique talk shows that discuss topics of issues affecting our community at large which will help stop our community dying in silence. Audience will have the confidence to talk about issues affecting them in order to find solutions because the station will give them a voice and a platform to be listened to.  

We know how important it is to update our followers with news service. We aim to provide the latest news and sport coverage in addition to community interest programming and activity broadcasting. Our advertising and promotion service is designed to promote and support local business, community entrepreneurs and charities through the provision of varied and affordable packages for organisations of all sizes and genres.

The station aims to be a therapeutic network by discussing political and social issues affecting the community and helping to promote both established and up and coming initiatives. As a community radio station we encourage people to take part, develop new skills through comprehensive radio training and workshops offered in-house. We are also dedicated to supporting those undertaking professional training within the radio broadcasting industry, providing valuable work experience and vocational training opportunities.

Our goals

One of our primary goals is to suppress mental health stigma and other oppressions faced by people whose lives are impacted by mental illness. We realize that it is incumbent upon 75derby radio to act in opposition to all forms of discrimination and other oppressions, intentional or otherwise.

75derbyradio will develop sustainable practices and programs to actively engage individuals with diverse identities (race, ethnicity, economic, age) to be included in all levels of the organization, specifically in positions of leadership.

No passive observation, this platform is for everyone to get involved in 75derbyradio so come along and be part of it! Let’s connect our community.